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Diet Stacking is the silver bullet in the quest to find a long-term solution to weight loss. Diet Stacking allows for a continued burst of motivation (motivation that often fades when a single diet is used alone).

By stacking the best scientifically proven weight loss diets, you can reap the reward of each diet—weight loss, better health, disease prevention, and more—without the motivational struggle to adhere to the same strict dietary rules for weeks, months or years.

The choice to use the term “stacking” in the name Diet Stacking is an important one. In essence, you “stack” diets one after another no different than you would stack building blocks. One serves as a foundation for the next, and in the process, you achieve better results than you would using a single diet alone.

Diet Stacking:

  • Disrupts the normal dieting process
  • Increases motivation
  • Delivers quick weight loss that lasts




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Dawna Stone
Dawna Stone

Dawna Stone is a best-selling author, certified health coach, wellness expert and motivational speaker. Dawna appears regularly on local and national television. She has appeared on The Today Show, MARTHA, MSNBC, HSN, and morning news programs on all four major networks—NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX.

She also hosted her own segment on FOX news called “Healthy Living with Dawna Stone” and her own radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio called “Health & Fitness Talk with Dawna Stone.” Dawna regularly writes for popular magazines and websites and was named one of the best clean food bloggers by Prevention magazine.

Dawna has an undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley and a masters degree from UCLA. She lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with her husband, two kids and two dogs.


Are you struggling to lose weight? Have you tried a number of diets? Have you lost some weight initially but gained it back as soon as you lost motivation for your diet? You're not alone!

Michele stayed on the Keto diet for nearly a month and lost over 10 pounds. Although she saw great results, she couldn’t find the motivation to stay on the diet any longer. When she stopped following the program, she slowly reverted back to her old habits, and within 60 days, she had gained back all the weight she had worked so hard to lose.

Sarah researched the Paleo diet and decided to give it a try. The first day went smoothly, and she thought she was finally on her way to losing those unwanted pounds. But mid-way through day three, she struggled to stick to the plan. By day four she gave in and returned to her old eating habits. She felt as though she failed yet again and decided Paleo just wasn’t for her. She vowed to not give up on her weight loss goals but to find a diet that’s right for her. She’s still searching.

Joe and his wife found success with the Atkins diet. They even touted their low carb lifestyle to friends and family. Each lost over 20 pounds and felt great. The diet however wasn’t sustainable. Their social lifestyle made adhering to the program difficult. And as the struggle became more and more difficult, they gave up on their low carb lifestyle all together. When they went back to their previous ways of eating, the weight piled back on. Both felt the diet wasn’t a good long-term solution.

The Keto diet, the Paleo diet, and the Atkins diet have all been proven to work as have many other top-rated diet plans. The Mediterranean diet, intermittent fasting, and the anti-inflammatory diet are some others that deserve mention. And all have many scientifically proven health benefits. The problem, however, is that most people find these diets difficult to “stick to” for long periods of time, and as their motivation wanes (or diminishes all together), so does their ability to follow the plan.

If you can relate to any of these stories, you’re not alone. So many of us start a diet fully committed and motivated to finally succeed. Unfortunately, it’s human nature to lose motivation over time. What may seem exciting and very doable on day one can often feel impossible by day four. This is where Diet Stacking comes to the rescue! Diet Stacking provides a structure that allows you to keep your motivation high over a much longer period of time—allowing for greater success and sustained weight loss.

As part of the Diet Stacking Weight Loss Challenge you will receive:

  • Five video tutorials
    • Welcome video
    • What is Diet Stacking
    • The Simple Stack explained
    • The Weight Loss Stack explained
    • The Extreme Stack explained
  • Detailed and easy-to-follow meal plans
    • Simple Stack Meal Plan
    • Weight Loss Stack Meal Plan
    • Extreme Stack Meal Plan
  • Shopping lists
    • Simple Stack Shopping List
    • Weight Loss Stack Shopping List
    • Extreme Stack Shopping List
  • 50+ Diet Stacking Recipes (with photos)
  • Frequently Asked Questions Handbook

In addition, you will receive three downloadable guides to help ensure your success:

  • The Beginner's Guide to Diet Stacking
  • Diet Stacking Approved Diets
  • Diet Stacking 101: The Rules

Plus, if you sign up today, you'll receive three incredible bonuses!

  • 4 Anti-Inflammatory Recipes
  • 27 Detox Water Recipes
  • 10 Best Smoothies

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